Author: Ayse Trail


I’ve been working for Rising Sun the past two summers. My first summer at Rising Sun I was working as an Energy Specialist.

As an environmental geek, my role as an Energy Specialist was an exciting first job for me. I loved going into people’s homes to educate residents. I loved showing them all the little changes they could make in their lives and homes. I loved bringing awareness to amount of impact these changes could have on the world.

I remember my site managers and Leader In Field Training (LIFT) being very inspiring. They always seemed to be well organized. The managers and LIFTs were very good at making appointments. Energy Specialist always had homes to go to and provide Green House Call Services. If it wasn’t for them, our site would not have thrived the way it did.

Seeing their hard work made me want to come back. I wanted to help. I wanted to contribute in creating a strong site for the following summer.



This summer I am working as a Leader in Field Training (LIFT).

I’ve realized there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. A LIFT has many responsibilities. We have to set appointments, check inventory, and manage Energy Specialists. These new sets of responsibilities are definitely not easy. These challenges I have faced and overcome have helped me. I am becoming a harder worker, stronger leader, and a better person. No matter how stressful it gets and how tired I am at the end of the day, I am still proud of my job. I am proud of the impact my team and I are making in our communities and the world.

The Lafayette site would not be successful if it was not for the team. Everyone’s hard work, passion and efforts, has contributed to the success of this site.  My managers are always by my side and we make the work as fun as possible, even when we do three hours of phone banking.

The Energy Specialists work well with each other. They work hard to complete as many installs and appointments they can in a day. The connection I have developed with my team helps make coming to work more enjoyable. I will cherish my memories at Rising Sun for the rest of my life.