Author: Max Gertsman

I thought I was well prepared for my role as an Energy Specialist. I took an environmental science course in high school, which made me think I would be well prepared.

When I started working for Rising Sun Energy Center I didn’t expect to learn or gain more knowledge. I learned so much by going into people’s homes and replacing their fixtures. I gained a better energy savings understanding by providing Green House Call Services.

For example I can spot a 57 watt light bulb, and replace it with a 13 watt. Some would say that it’s a 44 watt difference. I learned that small amounts of energy when measured on a mass scale can consume lots of energy. Thus, by switching it out we save a lot more energy.

I can now make changes in my peers’ homes to help everyone save water and energy.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned this summer is learning to conserve energy. I learned how small changes in behaviors related to energy can make huge differences.  My summer with Rising Sun will soon be over. However, the knowledge I’ve gained working here will help me be a part of the Climate Change solution.