Author: Luis Garcia

Being an Energy Specialist is the first job I’ve ever had, and for that I’m grateful. With a high number of people being interviewed, I remember being worried. I was worried I wouldn’t get hired as an Energy Specialist. The feeling I got after being hired is indescribable. I was ready to positively impact my community.

lightbulbsMy first job experience couldn’t have been any better. I had a good time the first summer as an Energy Specialist. I didn’t have the skills to talk to people before working for Rising Sun Energy Center. At first I was nervous talking to clients. I would tense-up when I had to persuade people into receiving a Green House Call Service. Eventually I was able to develop those skills and gain the experience that was needed for me later on.

My second year as an Energy Specialist I worked on polishing the skills I had learned. To be fair there were couple of bumps the second time around. I found myself without a partner near the end of the program and floated around the other teams and the office. I wasn’t eager to have more responsibilities in my life. But yet, at the end of the second year I realized I needed to accept that I was going to have more responsibilities not just at work but in life. more lightbulbs

Currently I’m in my third year working as a Leader In Field Training (LIFT)* for Rising Sun Energy Center. This role a little bit more challenging than expected but I have persevered. I’ve never been in a position like this before, it’s been a struggle but I’m starting to find my place.

Becoming an Energy Specialist was one of the best decisions I have made. It has provided me with a chance to improve my skills. This job has opened new doors for me, and has allowed me to grow within the organization. It has been an overall amazing experience.




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*LIFT positions are given the opportunity to gain leadership skills and acquire hands-on experience in program management by assisting their Site Managers and Site Outreach Managers.